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Concerns about COVID-19?

In these uncertain times, we all have concerns about our health, the economy and our wedding plans over the coming months. Our primary concern is to ensure everyone's safety and your happiness in this difficult time. Due to the social distancing methods recommended by the Government, many venues are rescheduling and canceling dates a number of weeks in advance which can be heartbreaking if you have waited so long for your date to arrive, and now it seems it might never happen. We feel this frustration as well, as every postponed wedding is a missed opportunity for us.

If you have a booking with us and your wedding venue asks to reschedule your date, we will honour our commitment to you and reschedule our service to your new date at no expense. If we cannot cover your new date we will refund your booking in full. This will also apply if your wedding is cancelled indefinitely.

If you do not currently have a booking with us but you are in the unfortunate position that your venue has had to reschedule and your supplier can't fulfill your new date, get in contact with us! We are offering 50% off all our packages if your previous supplier has had to cancel, even if you were refunded!


We feel that your wedding should be the best day of your life. We can't make it stress-free, even under normal circumstances but we will do what we can to try and make this difficult process easier.

Get in contact if you have any questions

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